Processed Meats Declared too Dangerous for Human Consumption

Originally posted on Ecojarz Australia:
The World Cancer Research Fund recently completed a detailed review of 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. Upon conclusion it is evident that processed meats can be dangerous for human consumption and…

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John Locke Sells A Million Books, Then Tells The World How He Did It

Originally posted on David Gaughran:
John Locke made history (again) yesterday when he was announced as the first indie writer to sell 1 million Kindle Books. In case you are wondering about Amanda Hocking – who broke a million a…

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Originally posted on Big Ed's Two Cents:
Awesomeness! Big Ed's Two Cents View original post

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Stand up for the penguins

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8,000 Views in 24 days. 1,400 followers (820 Word Press followers). I want to Pay it Forward, Let’s collaborate!

This is pretty cool. This blogger definitely knows what she wants to achieve, so lets see if we can help make it happen.   — via 8,000 Views in 24 days. 1,400 followers (820 Word Press followers). I want

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Bring back the tinfoil hats!!!

RFID + Financial Information = Bad Idea? The CBC and several other media outlets recently reported that a free app available on the Google Play store will turn a smart phone into a skim phone. That’s right… dishonest people (including

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Refurbished? Sure… why not?

So, I just received an iPad 3 (?) this week. I bought a refurbished model that came with the Retina display and Siri. Pros: It was in the neighborhood of 15% off, which is super. Plus, it came with a

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