Bring back the tinfoil hats!!!

RFID + Financial Information = Bad Idea?

The CBC and several other media outlets recently reported that a free app available on the Google Play store will turn a smart phone into a skim phone. That’s right… dishonest people (including phone hackers from anywhere in the world) can turn a smart phone into a device that hunts for and steals information from your credit card, even forwarding it to someone’s email address.

The funny thing is that apparently some banks say the cardholder is liable for purchases made by data thieves. How is this possible, and which banks express this line of thinking?

Another article reports that consumers can protect themselves using tinfoil and metal wallets. That’s especially great for people working in the electrical industry and in the flight industry.

I’ve watched a number of YouTube videos where owners take drill bits, screwdrivers and X-acto knives to the RFID chips. Another user even reportedly dissolved his/her credit card in acetone, revealing the inner workings.

I’m probably going to go with the metal wallet / tinfoil wrapping, but as a customer I am not too pleased knowing that someone may already have access to my financial information.



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