Refurbished? Sure… why not?

So, I just received an iPad 3 (?) this week. I bought a refurbished model that came with the Retina display and Siri.

Pros: It was in the neighborhood of 15% off, which is super. Plus, it came with a 1-year warranty, the same length of warranty as a brand new iPad.

Cons: None yet – still works & that’s great.


I started reading about the iPad. Obviously it has a rechargeable battery, which will eventually need replacing.

Pros: It’s supposed to work at 80% efficiency for 1,000 charges. Each charge can last in the neighborhood of 7-10 hours (of use) – my estimation.

Cons: A replacement battery is $99 – a little less than 1/5th of what I forked out for it.


I picked up the following app’s right away: Garageband (for composition), Pages (for writing), Keynote (for making short animated videos), and Procreate (for drawing / painting / illustrating).

Pros: The apps store is pretty good and the apps were affordable.

Cons: Not quite sure how Keynote & video-making go hand-in-hand, but I’ve seen it done, so that’s exciting. Pages also seems a lot harder to use, especially since Siri only works when connected to the Internet.


So far I’d like to say that I enjoy it. However, I did order three things from Apple, and only 2 have shown up so far. It’s odd (on one hand) that you can order three separate things from the same online seller, yet receive them each in a different shipment. On the other hand, it isn’t difficult to understand that different companies manufacture different things – why hold them all at a central facility? Why not make the product and then ship it directly to the consumer. That makes sense, even though the consumer may have to be home to receive a package on three separate occasions.

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2 comments on “Refurbished? Sure… why not?
  1. Interesting, a good question is what is the average life of an IPad before it stops working completely?

    • Andrew Plait says:

      TR, you’re not the only one who’s interested in that data!

      MacRumors and the Apple site both say the same thing: it depends on what you use it for. Incredibly helpful.

      I recall reading somewhere that the battery, if it’s good, should hold 80% capacity for up to 1,000 charges. Given that each full use can potentially be in the 10 hr. range, that sounds pretty sweet to me. Fingers crossed that that’s the way things go for me.

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