Something I respect is transparency. You know what I mean? Transparency – not putting up a false front… just being authentic.

Authenticity has disappeared. I’m not even sure it ever existed. It’s like there are different levels of transparency and authentic was the one with the least smarminess.

I was chatting with a fellow who seemed genuine and authentic today. He even bought me coffee (yes, he’s a businessman and you can write 50% of that off).

He had a potential business opportunity that he wanted to discuss, which is fine by me. I just like to know who / what it’s for. One word: Amway.

Now, I don’t know much about Amway, but I’m always cautious when it comes to anything pyramid-ish. Trouble is, everyone these days will defend that their network marketing company isn’t a pyramid scheme, even when there’s a clear upline and bonuses for the teams a person assembles.

I’ve watched so many of my relatives, including my mother, get involved with similar organizations only to have their “upline” disappear or the company slandered by others. I’m especially tentative after seeing my mom buy into multiple organizations only to recruit her friends (some of whom stopped being friends).

My wise wife’s opinion is that Amway has been around for ages and ages and ages. Most Amway reps have made their money and there’s not much left to be had. I’m planning to check out the site & see if they show any products and prices or “how-to-order” and then make up my mind.

What do you think, readers? Am I making a mistake? Have you had an experience or interaction with Amway that was good/bad? Let me know – Andrew out.

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2 comments on “Transparency
  1. Helene says:

    I believe that your mother had different ideas about the MLM companies she was involved with. She really enjoyed the products, was not really interested in the upline/downline part and so did not actually do any recruiting AND did not lose any friendships over it. If you are truly considering Amway, check out their products at and browse through the product pricing. It is important that you enjoy the products or you will not enjoy the process. It is ultimately your decision and you should not feel obligated to join or not join. Nothing is on the line, you are not under any condemnation – it ought to be a joy, or don’t do it! Love, love, love, ❤ 😀

    • Andrew Plait says:

      Thanks, Helene. My mother is a good woman – thank you for saying so.

      It is odd. The entire time I met with the independent consultant I just wanted him to invite me (for some reason… codependency issues, maybe).

      After seeing the products & prices, I felt like Amway’s exclusive brands are marketed more for people with a higher income. We’re so frugal (read: cheap, if you’d rather that phrase) that even buying the children’s vitamins for one month would’ve been equal to spending 3/4’s of our monthly food / hygiene / clothing budget!

      I’m grateful that you tell me I shouldn’t feel obligated to join or not join. It’s individuals like you who make blogging worthwhile!

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