Latest board game adventures!

I got together with some Medicine Hat Gaming Guild members last week and tried out some new (for me) and exciting games.

First up: a two-player game called Lost Cities. I only learned how to play it, not so much what it’s about, but I gather that you’re mounting expeditions and get the high score. However, every new expedition you undertake costs you 20 points – it’s up to you to get them (and more) back.

Second: a limb-losing party game called Get Bit. The object of the game is to be the last person alive. Your character, a little robot, has multiple limbs and pieces that come off whenever it gets too close to the shark. Not my favorite, but a good experience.

Lastly, four of us played a classic (from what I’m told) called Power Grid. This took the better part of the evening (over 3 hours), but was a blast. The object here was to successfully bid on power stations, acquire the resources needed to run it during every turn and then purchase / link cities to gain money in order to do it all over again.

Power Grid was a blast. By the time I had to leave home I managed to snag over 10 cities, powering them mostly with wind and fusion (which you don’t need resources like oil or coal to power). A great game that was relatively easy to learn.

Want to keep up on the latest from Andrew? Check out his 6x/week blog At Home With Three Kids.


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2 comments on “Latest board game adventures!
  1. So you’re blogging here and at home with 3 kids? Differing subject matter?

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