The lost art of the thank you


I’m getting the sense lately that one of the most important phrases in the English language has lost its meaning and/or the weight it used to carry. Don’t need to or mean to go around looking to do nice things for other people just to hear it, but seems like the moment you do something that warrants a “t.y.” a response comes back that’s less than satisfactory.

Had a conversation recently with someone after I had made a gesture to acknowledge the assistance I received from him/her and thank him/her for saving me from buying a brand new computer just before the next wave of computers is released. The words that I heard back were all the ones you’d expect (ie. thank you very much) but were concluded with “you didn’t have to do that.”

Maybe I’m just used to showering / peppering the words “thank you” all over when someone does something nice for me. Maybe overuse has helped it to lose respect in phrase land. Maybe the clear way to know how much someone really appreciates something isn’t measured by how many times they say thank you… maybe it’s by something else.

photo credit: Avard Woolaver (thank you!) via photopin cc


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