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A friend of mine, Brian Beezley, is a social media guru (in my humble opinion). When I need advice, I don’t go to photobugs or library staff (well, okay, I do, but only because I work at a library) – I often will go to Brian.  One of the many things he’s encouraged me to do was to check out Creative Commons and consider including pictures in my posts. His reasoning? Pictures are more engaging.

The picture in this post was taken & edited by a Flickr user (handle: eyesore9). I don’t know anything about him/her other than he/she has a Flickr account and that he/she has given permission for non-commercial bloggers like me to include this picture in a blog post.

That amazes me. As awesome as it would be to be an all-around artist capable of producing everything from words to artwork to videos, music and more, it’s nice to know that others are willing to let you use their work to compliment your own for nothing more than attribution.

If you like this pic, please be sure to check out eyesore9’s account at Flickr & say hi to him/her from me.



photo credit: eyesore9 via photopin cc



An entertainer, composer, blogger and illustrator living in SE Alberta, Canada.

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