Buying Apple & Macrumors

I’ve been looking to get a MacBook Pro for some time now. This is mostly because I’m a musician who dabbles in writing and art, so I want something that has easy-to-use music software (ie. Garageband / Logic), something that will allow me to produce e-content (Pages) and something that will allow me to make short videos to put up on YouTube (Keynote).

Well, once you go to Apple’s website and tell them you’re interested in buying a computer, they say, “Would you like this and this and this to go with it?” Naturally, you say, “Yes”, because (1) you’re a moron who doesn’t care about how much money you spend on a computer that’ll last for 3 years or (2) you’re a moron who doesn’t care how much money you spend on a computer that has a tiny picture of an apple on it.

Okay… so by the time I got over my apple envy I managed to piece together a pretty sweet piece of hardware to do all the things I outlined above. Then it asked me the icing question : would I like that fancy Apple TV gizmo (yes, I shamefully admit that I started drooling right about then)?

I didn’t know much about Apple TV, so I looked at some YouTube vids of a soldier who “broke” it and read little bits about it. I heard that the computer tech at my workplace had it, so I asked him about his experience.

Well, the computer tech told me what he used it for, and that was all good, but then he asked me what I was getting. I told him a new MacBook Pro (sha… right?). Two minutes later I’m at my workdesk & I get this email from the same guy telling me to think about sitting tight for a few months until they release the new MBP’s with these super amazing Intel’s that’ll make it all-kinds-of-better.

So, that’s what I did… I teared up and pressed “Cancel” on my MacBook Pro order and am waiting until this summer when Apple hopefully releases souped-up MBP’s for the same amount (doubtful, but fingers are crossed anyway).

Moral: Next time you’re thinking about buying an Apple product, just go to and check out their buying guide to see how much longer that sweet, sweet, super-expensive computer product is gonna be relevant.


An entertainer, composer, blogger and illustrator living in SE Alberta, Canada.

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