You are what you read

Seems that the human mind was made for learning and using. Whether using is meant for positive/negative stuff, I can’t be the judge of that, but it’s made for learning.

Darwin & evolution is a big thing, but I’m not spittin’ ’bout that. I’m throwin’ down ’bout the need to do something besides maintaining high levels of output.

Writers have written that they studied (ie. read & examined & analyzed) 1,000 books before writing their first book. I’ve read in the neighborhood of 500 kid’s books – I must be halfway ready to start writing one. We’ve listened to how many hundreds (if not thousands) of songs in our lifetime… surely that means we’re all capable of being songwriters.

There’s a point where skill and experience seem to come together. There are also points in some people’s lives that indicate a direct correlation between acquiring experience, life, work or otherwise, then pursuing intellectual studies before returning to the pursuit of experience. It’s cyclical.

Often friends and relatives will discuss the ups and downs of life… specifically trends and patterns. There are patterns to life — always a time where something remains popular / important before moving on towards the next best thing, and that doesn’t even speak for recurring trends like what we often hear about in the fashion/design industry.

Not only are we what we eat, think, listen and talk about, but we are what we read. We are the combined result of the mash-ups we allow into our head. Garbage in, garbage out… time for a trip to the recycling plant.


An entertainer, composer, blogger and illustrator living in SE Alberta, Canada.

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