You can’t always kiss what you want…

Catholics are in an uproar over Pope Francis kissing the feet of several young women. No, not with misguided intentions, you bad-thought thinkers.

The foot kissing was part of a ritual that takes place on Holy Thursday involving foot washing. It’s similar to what Jesus did for his disciples at the last supper.  The main difference is that it’s considered a ritual for men… only men.

Pope Francis was known for being a people person when he was an archbishop in Buenos Aires. He rode the subway, served the homeless, was very in touch with people — why should that change now that he’s Pope?

A mounting concern is that Pope Francis may have radical ideas about the role of women in the Catholic Church. Some have wondered aloud if his kissing the feet of women means he’ll begin ordaining them as priests.

Look, fellas… Jesus saved one woman from death by stoning, allowed another to clean his feet with her tears and hair, then pour perfume on them… and don’t forget that some of the first people to visit his tomb were women.

Many people have called upon churches to adapt, claiming that a modern age requires a modern church. Pope Francis is a great example of the Catholic Church living and serving like Jesus. I just hope that other people don’t find it too modern.


An entertainer, composer, blogger and illustrator living in SE Alberta, Canada.

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