Why good parenting is important

I have a problem with parenting. It’s not a unique-to-me-only kind of problem, but one that is universally well known. Really, I don’t think the problem is with parenting so much, but the lack of what I consider good parenting being done by others.

So… I was at this movie with my kids the other day. A movie for little kids. There’s a handful of teenagers at the back of the theatre. They’re on their phones, and they’re talking loudly and swearing and the whole nine yards. I was literally on edge the entire time they were in there. Thankfully, they left.

Was there anything wrong with them going to the movies by themselves? No. However, they behaved like they had no boundaries. Is that from a lack of parenting or is it just because they were with a group of friends (and no chaperone)? Man, if this is the current line of thought these days, then it’s clear that my thinking is old school.

I’m concerned for my own kids. I hope they keep letting me be their father and that they keep doing the things I ask them to. I hope they grow up to be more polite and well-mannered than the teens at the movie.


An entertainer, composer, blogger and illustrator living in SE Alberta, Canada.

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