The Koreans are coming! The Koreans are coming!

No, we’re not racist. No, we don’t like saying mean things about other people, though it sure seems to be a hobby. We’re just concerned for our livelihood, concerned for our family, concerned for ourselves.

North Korea has done it again – they’re upset with everyone (specifically America). The world’s on standby, wondering if they’re posturing or if they really mean it. The US reports seem to indicate that the Koreans, who have the largest military force in the world with 9.5 million people, are not what worries them. No, the US is really worried about their allies near Korea and what they think.

Some friends of mine were quite worried about it, commenting about things they’d heard (like Korean newspapers having anti-America attack ads) recently and discussing how it made them feel. We all agreed on one thing – Korea, if you are going to attack the United States, we’d appreciate it if you’d start in the South with the rednecks – those dogs be crazy. We’re convinced America, with all its troops seemingly deployed throughout various parts of the world, would stand a fighting chance if an invading Korean army were to start their attack in redneck country.

God bless us all and may He protect us all. Amen.


An entertainer, composer, blogger and illustrator living in SE Alberta, Canada.

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4 comments on “The Koreans are coming! The Koreans are coming!
  1. It’s terribly nice of North Korea to lay open its military strategy:

  2. cdmyers00 says:

    i started writing about a conflict with North Korea in 2006. The book goes into publication next month and seems to come from today’s newspapers. You may be interested in reading about it at my blog: CD Myers writing blog – check out “South Pole Vendetta” if you’re interested.

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